Leaving was inevitable
"Can you blame me? In the end, I wasn't like you and the others. Leaving was inevitable"

Relationship: Engaged to Royalty

M!A: baby boom time: indecisive

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"Tch… What a strange day this turned out to be" 



In vivid detail. If I am too embarrassed you win.

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Aww I love your family with Tomoe ! gimme!!

"I see you’re back again… We never expected to even be having a family in the first place, However you’ll have to wait a little while longer, Our baby hasn’t been born yet" 

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What’s one thing you’ve been dying to ask the mun?

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The boy shook his head as he cling more towards his mommy. "I don't wanna, I wanna eat with mommy." The boy pouted as he sat on his mommy lap again.

"Mummy needs to eat too, You both have plates set at the table so you’ll still be able to eat with her" another reminder that his son’s stubborn behaviour was definitely inherited from himself. 



"Mmhmm, just give me a moment." Grabbing her phone, she look through her contacts, searching for that specific number. Once she found it, she dial the number and waited for someone to pick up. Still holding onto Saruhiko, she let out a small sigh when she someone finally picked up.

"Hello?…Yes I’m kind of good right now…I’m sorry that I haven’t called you until now…There is something I wanted to ask you….Are you at the hospital right now?…Okay I would go there in a couple of minutes…I would tell you once I get there, also I’m taking someone with me…Yes, of course. I would see you later nii-san."

It sounded like they knew each other but it all started to make sense with those last few words. He knew she had family but never expected to meet any of them, Espeically under these grim circumstances. Shit… 

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✦ why not

4 different things they should have said to your muse, but never managed to


“I wanted… To…” with a sigh Fushimi bit his lip a little. “I often thought it would be a good idea to tell him things like why I was against living with him at first, Why I have difficulty expressing any emotions espeically positive ones, Why I don’t talk to him about a lot of things and… Just how much he means to me” 

First 3 things they ever noticed about your muse


"Puzzles, Genius… Surprisingly aggressive" 

2 things your muse does that pisses them off


“Unnecessarily dragging out foreplay for his own stupid amusement and wasting time with those ridiculous puzzles when he’s got more important things to do”  

1 thing they have always want to do with your muse


"I’ve always wanted to go on holiday with him but he works too much and claims it might be awkward for the clan if both me and him go missing from the office for a week or two" 


"I’m sure you do, Saruhiko." Causally takes another photo.

"Stop taking photos already and untie me you bastard" 

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"Fushimi." Seri called out placing a can of tea onto the coaster provided. "You can choose between field work or paperwork today, although do restrain yourself if you decide to choose the field work, we of course can clean up the mess but, word can't spread about how we treat civilians"


"I’ll pick the field work but I suppose I’ll keep your concerns in mind" 

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Sentence Memes

  • "You belong to me"
  • "I found you"
  • "I’m in jail"
  • "You make me so hot"
  • "I have to leave"
  • "Please don’t leave"
  • "And what about our parents?"
  • "Who did this to you?"
  • "You shouldn’t have done that"
  • "What happened last night"
  • "We never tell anyone about this"
  • "So, you want to play games?"
  • "Does that require pants?"
  • "Lets just have a lazy day"
  • "Then go kill the bitch"
  • "I’m pregnant"
  • "You broke me"
  • "Don’t touch me"
  • "You can’t fix this"
  • "There’s nowhere we can hide"
  • "I’m not listening"
  • "Who do you think you are?"
  • "I don’t need you here."
  • "Did I fall asleep?"
  • "A little evil goes a long, long way."
  • "I will not die."
  • "I don’t care."
  • "I have no regrets."
  • "I feel numb."
  • "All monsters are human."
  • "You look beautiful, but you don’t look fine."
  • "You look beautiful, but you don’t look fine."”
  • "How many time have I told you to be more careful?"
  • "Let’s get you to bed."
  • "I can’t even look at you, you promised not to get into any more fights!"
  • "Are you crazy?”
  • "Do you trust me?"
  • "How did you escape?"
  • "Is that blood behind your ear?"
  • "Take. This. Off. "
  • "What’s in it for me?"
  • "What’s in it for you?"

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When the little boy saw his daddy walking to where her mommy was sitting, reading a book. He run as fast as his small legs could take him, and sat on her lap. The boy look at him, and then he gave her a hug as he look at his daddy. "Mommy is mine."// Not even sorry


Fushimi was preparing a light lunch for himself and his small family, Nothing too complicated and while carrying it into the other room where Tomoe was reading, He noticed his son dash across to her and helped himself to her lap with a big grin on his face before hugging her. Signing at those words however the father put the food down onto the table. “Let mummy have her food and you have to eat as well, So come and sit at the table” 

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You have said that you have preference towards males, so have you ever thought about your girlfriend being male?

"Yes I have said that but no I’ve never thought of her being male, Not even once"