"What brought that on? Thank you. Explanation, please.”

"Aren’t I allowed to compliment you without having a motive?" he stated softly while trailing a few kisses along his twin’s jaw line. 

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「 It’s a nice name~ 」He chimes, smiling ever so brightly at the older. 「 Ah, that’s right. I almost forgot! 」Stopping in his tracks, the young brunet gave a light bow before continuing, 「 I’m Totsuka Tatara! It’s nice to meet you, Fushimi-san. 」


Common courtesy to introduce one’s self after the other, yes?

"Tch" this brat was getting more annoying by the second but at least professional status rang out and Fushimi managed to stop himself from rolling his eyes at that overly polite compliment and ‘common courtesy’ performance. "You’re probably running late" the only considerate thing he could think of saying. 


"Fifteen hours without sleep isn’t too bad" 

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Of course, his eyes stay firmly focused on Fushimi as he undresses, knowing it’s a view that he’s more than allowed to see. The slide of Fushimi’s shirt coming off as he speaks those words makes Munakata smirk. “Mm, I suppose so. Hurry up, then; as much as I enjoy the show, I think I’d rather have my hands on you.”

"Impatient as always" yet even as that royal gaze watched him with an already noticeable hunger and those words mixed in with that eager command; Fushimi still removed the rest of his clothing at a leisurely pace. "Make room for me then; I’m curious what you want to do to me" bending down slightly to remove the rest of his clothing he stepped out of the pool of fabric around his ankles before walking over the to that smug appearing King. 

He was nervous. There was no denying that but at least Fushimi could hide it perfectly. As promised he waited at the hospital for his girlfriend to turn up for their first scan, He was early perhaps too early but was too excited since today was the day they'd have their first look at the baby and finally know what gender their child was going to be.



When she finally arrived to the hospital, it was easy to notice that she was nervous. Seeing the baby for the first time, and knowing the gender made her feel more excited, but still she couldn’t help but get nervous. She continue playing with the strap of her purse as she got inside.

To her surprise, she didn’t expected to see Saruhiko until later. She walk to where he is and gave him a small smile. “Are you ready to go inside?” They were a few minutes early, but they could already go and see the doctor.


"Well I’m already five months long, it would be bad if the baby wasn’t moving by now." She said as she made a small smile. Once they got to the receptionist, she talk to her for a moment as she gave her directions to where to go. "Come on, it’s almost time for the appointment."

"Five months…" it seemed strange hearing it. Her baby bump was obvious but still hearing how long it has been since finding out the news he’d be a father; was quite a shock. Lost in thought he didn’t notice her going to the receptionist and snapped out of his absentmindedness when she spoke again. "I’ll follow you" 

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"What color," He pressed for more correct information,since Yata clearly wasn’t coming back with the needed medical items any time soon. Suoh didn’t want to argue, maybe prying so much into this was souring things over.

"—You two aren’t strong enough yet to handle other clansmen who aren’t ours." In truth speaking Saruhiko was well enough on his knives but lets face it, he needed more training and speed in stead of becoming a distraction. "Don’t depend on Yatagarasu so much, if you do…you’ll end up a situation where he won’t be around"

Lecturing was never his thing so deciding to quickly release the male Suoh took the gauze and wrapped the teenagers injury. “You should rest and not move on it so much, you little shit.”

"Blue but without that uniform as far as I could tell at least" it was obvious what the King was doing but he gave what information he could before getting lectured like that. It made sense so he accepted the scolding without saying a single word against it. Perhaps he really did rely too much on Misaki at least this provided something to think about while waiting for his leg to heal up. 

"Alright…" already he planned on allowing his leg to heal since not doing much for a few weeks sounded really quite appealing. "Thanks…" 

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"Saru you’re beautiful" 

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// "#//this is why i need to cosplay with a misaki" if I lived anywhere near you I would def offer because fight scene photoshoots yes please

I’m surprised you even noticed that tag of mine.

But yes fight scene please! you’re a stunning Misaki so it would be amazing to have a photo shoot with you if only I lived closer.